April 6, 2011 – May 3, 2011

collaborators: Chris Bernsten, Ian Montgomery

places: 3rd Floor

‘we’ve come too far to end it now’ is a multi-slide projection installation on the third floor of Elsewhere Collaborative. The installation within the evocative “ghost room” uses the room’s peeling wallpaper and mid-twentieth century domestic objects as a source of inspiration. Projected images span the walls, ceiling and three dimensional space. The projections were taken from the pages of popular magazines of the sixties such as Time and Life Magazine and re-photographed as slides. The room is an interactive experience as the slide projections self-advance and as the viewer crosses through the beams of light and becomes part of projection itself. 

The room has been seemingly left to crumble and collect dust while the women, men, and events depicted in the projections are as un-aged as the day they were published.  Images of idealized beauty are juxtaposed with ones of war and other imagery that would have found their way onto the coffee tables of many homes as editorial and advertisement. An audio aspect to the installation features records from Elsewhere’s collection that with their eerie changed pitch and lyrics evoke a connection between love and violence that imbue the projections further with the sense of discomfort and disconnect.

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