Jesse Kudler (Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia Goes Elsewhere Fellowship. June 2019. 2-channel HD sound installation.  2 mins,  41 secs.

Voicing Elsewhere is a multi-channel audio installation that encapsulates a whole month within the artist residency, featuring the voices of the resident artists, interns, and staff living and working at the Living Museum. Rather than work primarily with objects in the collection, Kudler worked with the assemblage of denizens, sourcing subjects and material within a specific place and time— an ad hoc community and society snapshotted in sound.

Exploring the blurred boundaries between public and private living, working collectively in an active museum in a busy downtown area, the work uses both deliberate and incidental sound, singing, and speech. Voices were recorded separately and then layered and combined, with attention to inadvertent harmonies, resonances, and synchronicities. Each participant was asked to provide singing and talking to be played into the back garden, a space that forms a border between Elsewhere, the surrounding community, and outside world.

Featured Performers: Marie Alarcón, Riley Cox, Mindy Dunn, Emily Ensminger, Jesse Kudler, Travis Laughlin, Kerri Mubaarak, Amelia Nura, Yixuan Pan, Gui Portel, Jon Pulse, Paige Reitterer, Avery Rose, Sosena Solomon, Eva Wǒ. The artist wishes to thank all participants for entrusting their time and voices.

Project In Repsonse To: The Yard