With people and things, we build collaborative futures.


Elsewhere’s collaborative approach investigates storytelling and play as a means for repurposing the resources of our past, exploring layered individual visions, and new possibilities for integrating creative practice in everyday life and society. Re-invigorating the South Elm neighborhood of downtown Greensboro through global and local exchanges, Elsewhere imagines our neighborhood as a place where available resources, at-hand beauty, and diverse citizens actively engage past, present, and future. As Elsewhere’s are everywhere in mind and matter–these ideas of sustainable transformation, wholistic inclusivity, and creative inquiry can be translated to sites across the globe.


Elsewhere is operated by its two founders/ co-directors, a shifting team of curators, fellows, interns, and a cabinet of community members.  Volunteers, artists, members, and visitors participate in public inquiry and engagement in this one-of-a-kind environment.


The collection (or “set”) of objects at Elsewhere forms a limit within which infinitely derivable contexts, works, and arrangements are demonstrated and performed. Here, antique objects and art objects, neither sacred, coexist in a transforming installation that creates constellations of materials, processes, and products. The internal circulation of things enables Elsewhere to approach creative practice as a basis for communication and response. Organization becomes a means for ordering and tracing the trajectories of an evolving community.