, Julie Moore, Austin, TX

Installation including a variety of household items and furniture from the collection, performance

During her residency at Elsewhere Julie Moore converted one of the third floor installation rooms into a tiny apartment as comedy set. It was designed to showcase humorous space saving and domestic efficiency solutions from the vintage future perspective of the mid-20th century. These include exciting inventions like a fold up bed/ drying rack and a kitchen table/bathroom vanity, where one can choose between salt, pepper, and hair brush. For the opening of the installation, Moore performed as Vera- a modern woman of proper etiquette, who bobbled about offering tours of her apartment, talking about her neighbors, and showing off the latest consumer conveniences. Vera was styled and performed in the classic vein of physical comedy associated with masters like Buster Keaton. According to the artist, Verasimilitude is an investigation into “femininity, functionality, and how those assigned and perceived as female have taken up physical space throughout history and what that means today.”