Coe Lapossy (Lake Pleasant, MA)
resin, paper, graphite, paint, reflective window film, video loop (museum collection: rubbings from glass window on 2nd story bedroom, rubbings of trap door, rubbings of soles of shoes from residents and staff). August 2019. 19″x22″.

The trap door located in the stage near the front door to elsewhere covers access to the area below the stage, but also allows access to the crawlspace further below. A new trap door is cast in resin and holds the artifacts of the group which shared this time together. Pencil rubbings of the bottoms of our shoes, the textures of the space and us. Coe Lapossy has focused on bringing the trap door into the light, revealing it’s secrets, and giving the structure a voice. The embedded video creates a mouth in the trap door, allowing it to speak to us. This dialogue is taken from the play and movie, Prelude To A Kiss, written by Craig Lucas.

In an effort to love and protect those we hold closest, we create shaky foundations and unstable ground. We rush to build our bunkers and fortresses and we still fail to protect. Trapdoor seeks to examine the depth of love needed to protect. Through a queer experience we create and choose our families but also grapple with the safety of ourselves and those we have chosen. When does our desire to protect not serve us or those we are trying to protect? Who are you building your bunker for?