Anne Wu (Miami, NM)

Toy Trough on the first floor, shelving in the Department Store, Toynado room.

“An installation”. In her home state of New Mexico, Wu manages a thrift store of her own –– like a store owner, she tackled the disorganized heap of toys found near the museum’s front, developing categories and dioramas based on both corporately-branded and more playful themes. Wu was compelled by a desire to rescue and repair the toys, many of which were grimy from years of neglect and had mismatched heads and limbs. Toys were mended, washed, and returned to their “families” in both the toy trough and other corners of the museum. Wu also cared for a small toy squirrel during her residency, whom she created a home for in Ian Gamble’s SKYSCRAPER. The squirrel has since embarked on a journey beyond the museum with the artist.