Southern Constellations (SoCo) is a residency program that explores experimental practices across a network of Southern artists. SoCo Residents receive full funding to attend the month-long residency, including room and board in the historic museum, with additional travel support, plus a $1000 honorarium. SoCo Residents are specially featured in press, public events and exhibitions.

Applicants eligible for this residency are required to indicate so on the application and answer an additional question. These residencies are strengthened through nominations from professional artists, curators, collectors, and university educators, but anyone eligible can apply.

Once accepted, SoCo Residents are required to sign a contract and participate in the full-month residency.

Southern Constellations is funded in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.




Fear No Joy, Zeelie Brown (Brooklyn, NY / Pollard, AL). Southern Constellations Fellow. July 2017. Performance documentation. Cello, bleach on denim, ribbons, roses. Image Credit: Gui Portel

To be eligible for SoCo, artists must be based or raised in the Southern United States* and able to attend a month-long residency, participating fully in all aspects of the program. Elsewhere seeks residents who demonstrate a commitment of applied skills, design intention, site-specific interest, and community participation.

SoCo is primarily based on an expanding group of professionals in order to expand a regional network of experimental practitioners, and foster an exciting cohort of exceptional artists. In an effort to reach and create space for those operating outside of our artistic networks, self-nominated applications are also welcome. Applicants, especially those nominated and hearing about Elsewhere for the first time, should thoroughly review the Residency webpage to ensure Elsewhere is indeed a good fit.

This funded residency is very competitive (offered to 5 individuals with approx. 80 applications), thus candidates are encouraged to express on the application if they are interested in the residency without funding. This will not hurt one’s ability to receive funding.

*Seeking applicants primarily from: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. We are open to other regions with sufficient response.



11½ Spells for Our Future Selves, Ash Eliza Smith (Morganton, NC / San Diego, CA). Southern Constellations Fellow. July 2017. Sculpture documentation. Installation, performance, 3d prints, bacteria samples in petri dishes, found items.

2019 | YEAR 7

Alma L. Leiva (Miami, FL)
Project: Guess who’s coming to dinner (or The last supper)

Diana Laurel Caramat (Norfolk, VA / Seattle, WA)
Project: Social Sensory Stimulation

Josh T. Franco (Hyattsville, MD)

Kevin Brophy (Tampa, FL / Pittsburgh, PA)
Project: Keeping Young & Living Longer

Michelle Lisa Polissaint (Miami, FL)
Project: Dine nan Nwa

Rosa Nussbaum (Austin, TX)
Project: Keeping Young & Living Longer

2018 | YEAR 6

Daniel B. Coleman (Durham & Greensboro, NC / Chiapas, México)
Project: Warriors: Beyond Unicorns and Erasures

SHAN Wallace (Baltimore, MD)

Jessica Gaynelle Moss (Charlotte, NC)
Project: The ABOVEGROUND RAILROAD Scholarship

Poncili Creación | Pablo + Efrain Del Hierro (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Project: Multi-Parade

Lonnie Holley (Atlanta, GA)
Project: Mixed

2017 | YEAR 5

william cordova (Miami, FL / Lima, Peru)

Project: untitled: or obsneerg y las cronicas marcianas

Zeelie Brown (Pollard, AL / Brooklyn, NY)

Project: Fear No Joy

Rontherin Ratliff (New Orleans, LA)

Project: Rosa No. 7 Yellow Independence

Saba Taj (Durham, NC)

Project: Interstellar Uber / Negotiations with God

Ash Eliza Smith (Morganton, NC / San Diego, CA)

Project: 11½ Spells for Our Future Selves

2016 | YEAR 4

Jane Cassidy (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Project: We Went Down To O’Shea’s Wood

Maria Molteni (Nashville, TN)

Project: Revolving Spectrum

Charisse Weston (Houston, TX)

Project: Politics Surrounded | From Giving (Medley)

Cosmo Whyte (Atlanta, GA)

Project: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (from the Manifest Destiny Musical Series)

Antoine Williams (Chapel Hill / Greensboro, NC)

Project: Because They Believe in Unicorns

2015 | YEAR 3

Regina Agu (Houston, TX)

Project: A Living Index

Rachel Debuque (Washington, DC)

Project: Future Holiday

Jana Harper (Nashville, TN)

Project: New Walks in an Old Field

George Jenne (Chapel Hill, NC)

Project: Two Bizarre and Unexplained Deaths

Iman Person (Atlanta, GA)

Project: All Acts of Pleasure

Hồng-Ân Trương (Chapel Hill, NC)

Project: To Preserve, Destroy

2014 | YEAR 2

Izel Vargas (Boynton Beach, FL)

Project: Looking for Ghosts

Hillerbrand + Magsamen (Houston, TX)

Projects: Mandalas, Elsewhere China and Elsewhere Rainbow + Collected and Recollected

Martha Whittington (Atlanta, GA)

Project: Flannery’s Bunker

Lee Deigaard (New Orleans, LA)

Project: Horses at the Museum

Nsenga Knight (Durham, NC)

Project: Make Safe, Make Space

Stacy Lynn Waddell (Chapel Hill, NC)

Project: Leukerbad

2013 | YEAR 1

Nick Szuberla of Appalshop (Whitesville, KY)

Project: Appalshop Goes Elsewhere

Melissa Vandenberg (Richmond, KY)

Project: Sew to Speak

Joey Orr + Wesley Chenault of John Q (Atlanta, GA)

Project: Untitled (Books)

Andrew Raffo Dewar (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Project: Material Music

Nikita Gale (Atlanta, GA)

Project: Untitled (Legend)

Jillian Mayer (Miami, FL)

Project: LifeBox