Slow Dance, Monique van Hinte (The Netherlands)
November 2017. Video projections, performance, recordings of vinyl singles.

Slow Dance is a series of ephemeral performances that weave together light, movement, and music that reflect van Hinte’s investigations.

Throughout her time at Elsewhere, van Hinte approached the museum’s collection as a geologist, unearthing meaning between objects, people, actions, and place.

During the work’s opening exhibition, van Hinte transformed the museum in its entirety at each three-quarter hour. Participants were invited to follow paths of light and music to discover more video installations and intimate, slow dance performances. In van Hinte’s words: “Slow dancing captures moments of lives intermingling and unraveling, uniting and separating while the objects around us bear witness and record.”

Songs for the performances were mostly recorded from Elsewhere’s singles collection, which van Hinte listened to in its entirety. Much like the introduction of outside elements like the dancing performers and the neighboring café depicted in the video above, there were introductions of two, non-collection songs into the piece.

Featured performers: Arlene Clark, Kenneth Williams, Aryeh Weiner, Ian Gamble, and Rimona Law.


“Slow Dance Playlist” by Monique van Hinte on Spotify.