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Restoration Cost: $850,000
Pledges Secured: $650,000
Support Needed: $200,000

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Contact Elsewhere Co-founder and Executive Director George Scheer to discuss giving opportunities at (336) 549-5555. Join us in building collaborative futures.

Why Elsewhere?

Local with Global Collaborations

Elsewhere is a global destination for artists creating site-specific, contemporary art, social creativity, and design innovations through public exchanges. Elsewhere is a hub and home for Greensboro neighbors and artists from across the world.

A South Elm Street Anchor

Elsewhere has inspired South Elm’s revitalization as a cultural anchor and contemporary art destination. Our public projects and programs innovate downtown’s creative character in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits, and neighbors.

North Carolina’s Creative Legacy

Elsewhere celebrates our city’s characters, stories, and histories, while seeding new models and examples for the next generation. We are forwarding a progressive legacy of experimental art and social vision in North Carolina.


Our friends, collaborators, and artists here and far say why:

Elsewhere’s Story


Sylvia Gray

From 1939-1997, Sylvia Gray amassed an enormous inventory of surplus in her downtown Greensboro store. Her three-story building was left filled to the brink with toys, books, furniture, clothing, fabric, dishwares, knick-knacks after her passing. In 2003, her grandson and a group of artists moved into the old store, declared nothing for sale and founded Elsewhere, a non-profit art space exploring collections, collaborations and communities.

In 2004, visiting artist residencies began bringing artists from across the globe to Greensboro. In 2005, the living museum opened to the public, initiating ongoing tours, events, performances, conversations, happenings and dinners.

In 2007, collaboratory educational programs began to engage youth, high schoolers, universities and life-long learners in tours, workshops, internships and retreats. By 2013, Elsewhere is a renowned arts organization, known for its innovation connecting artists working with community.

But now, in order to keep Elsewhere going and growing, we need to restore our building to meet basic programming and operating needs. We’ve designed eco-friendly heating and cooling systems to keep people comfortably creative. Live-work residencies for artists on Elm Street will sustain vitality in our neighborhood. Fire safety and security will extend public access across the museum’s 3 floors. Join us in building the legacy of collaborative culture in Greensboro and beyond.

Building Restoration

Elsewhere’s 100-year old historic building needs restorations in order to sustain and advance our operations and programming. The project has secured a 40-year lease, city-approved architectural designs, and business plans that balance expanded operations with new earned-income opportunities.

City Approved Plans for restoration upfits

City Approved Plans for restoration upfits


  • Living Museum Open Year-Round
  • Three-floor Public Museum Access
  • 12 Live/Work Artist Studios
  • 15+ Additional Visiting Artists p/yr
  • Est. increase of 7,000+ Visitors p/yr
  • Est. 20% Earned Income increases through retreats, special events and programs p/yr
  • Advanced potential for off-site projects and collaborations


  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Fire Safety
  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Structural Reinforcements
  • Residential Code Upgrades


  • Co-Chairs: Linda Carlisle & Gail Bolton
  • Consultants: Neil Belenky & Mindy Oakley
  • Advisors: Bob Powell & Dennis Quaintance
  • Architects: Vines Architecture & Landmark Construction


  • Year-round operation drives momentum on South Elm Street
  • Restoration sets precedent for creative live/work facility and preserves historic property
  • More artists and programming results in vibrancy downtown
  • People around the globe discover a destination and home Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC
  • Collaborative exchanges on art, culture, and urban life circulate between Greensboro and the globe



Global Impact

Creative Participation

Since 2003, Elsewhere has hosted artists from 60 U.S. cities and 13 Countries

creative participation


Programming Cultural Investments

National Endowment for the Arts
Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Kresge Foundation
NC Arts Council
Tannenbaum Sternberger Foundation
Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation
NC Humanities Council
Future Fund of the Community Foundation
Harpo Foundation

27 public grants 24 foundations Total: $658,800


Neighborhood Collaborators

Beloved Community Center
Interactive Resource Center
Weatherspoon Art Museum
Action Greensboro
Guilford County Schools
Greensboro Public Library
The Downtown Greenway
Faith Action International
Participatory Budgeting
Carolina Theater

Elsewhere Elsewhere

Our projects have been presented at: North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh, NC)
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (Winston-Salem, NC)
Ackland Museum of Art (Chapel Hill, NC)
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
Flux Projects (Atlanta, GA)
Kulturpark (Berlin, Germany)
Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland, OR)
High Desert Test Sites (Joshua Tree, CA)


Capital Support

Special Thanks To

Gail Boulton
The Seymour & Carol Levin Foundation
Kevin, Katherine, and Elizabeth Phillips
Ronald and Victoria Milstein
Cone Family
Linda and Jim Carlisle
Jim and Nancy Bryan
Dabney and Walker Sanders
Dr. Mark and Anita Kay Hyman
Andy Zimmerman
Nancy Hoffman
Cliff Burts and Neil Johnson
Tom and Linda Sloan
James Alephontes
Thomas Fitzgerald
Kim and John Martin
Gary and Ellen Fischer
Sara Lee and Paul Saperstein
Susan and Freddy Robinson
Jim Kennedy
Ronnie Grabon
Kate Weaver
Frankie Jones
Cathy Macek and Floyd Wiseman
Cecelia Thompson

Foundations and Corporations

Kresge Foundation
Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation
The Carol & Seymour Levin Foundation
The Phillips Foundation
Landmark Builders
Cemala Foundation


Kickstarter Backers

Doug and Joan Stone, Shalin Scupham, Caitlin Law, Claire van der Plas, Molly Bloom and Andy DuCett, Gayatri Patwardhan, Erik Moe, Michael Connolly, Shawn White, Alison S M. Kobayashi, Lauren McCarthy, George and Anna Peterson, Kathryn Sclavi, Megan Sullivan, L. Minton, Katrina Neumann, James Turnbull, Lauren Vocci, Arcane Tinmen ApS, Carl Atiya Swanson, Rich Fleider, Brianna Taylor, J Meier Photo, Nicola Winstanley, Steven Lang, Courtney McCracken, Richard Boyd, Mike Paulucci, Margaret Collins, Amanda Asmus, Jessica Haller, Beth Haase, Jon Felix, Amelia G. Jarvinen, Rachel McCook, Ava, Margaret Norfleet Neff, Kevin and Stacey Lundy, Courtney Fink, Cora + Justin Outling, Jim Kennedy, Regina Hinman, D. Harland Harris, Ben Singer, Nathan Beall, Judith Farquhar, Tahe Zalal, Richard Graves, Paul Howe, Lauren Wargo, Ellie Yearns, Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company, Melissa Murray & Kristi Herzer, Stephanie Williams, Emily Hadland, Jeff Wiseman, The D. 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