Photo credit: Guido Villalba Portel

Resonate/Generate, Roger Miles (London, England)
August 2016. Curated vinyl records, cyanotypes.

Resonate/Generate is a small fixed location “record store” on the first floor containing an edited selection of 100-150 12“ and 7” vinyl records from the Sylvia Gray collection. Miles’s selection attempts to reflect the history of the thrift store, the musical taste of Sylvia Gray and her children (for whom she bought the music), and the artist’s own perception of American culture and society.

The installation activates the first floor of the museum; while Miles was in residence, the visitor could choose a record and the artist collected and documented the story behind that choice. Experienced from running similar installations, Miles found that visitors love to pick through the edited record boxes, choose a favorite track, and tell their stories to this “memory jukebox.” Resonate/Generate celebrates the music, artworks, and history of the thrift store. 


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Cyanotype Sleeves