lydia see (Sylva, NC)
May 2018. Installation documentation. Instructions for archival process, cyanotypes, photographs, museum collection objects sourced from found room. 

The Records Room is a functional installation that commemorates the tradition of collecting and organizing through Elsewhere’s past, present, and future. This “archive” transformed a repository room to house tangible records and archival materials.

In the Room, the politics of memory are examined by engaging with the space— an act of arrangement or curation becomes a performance that influences the room’s narrative. This installation encapsulates a special collection of objects that will continue to be used and re-incorporated into new projects in perpetuity, being both an end product and a storage space for raw materials.

The “archive is the heart of the project, but is complemented by new works produced in response by the artist: photographs, rubbings, prints, documents, and assemblages. In processing, (re)defining, and navigating the found, existing collection, a map and visual language emerged connecting the museum’s living archive to more technical, archival terms and methods.


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