Elsewhere Radio is a collaborative platform for visiting artists, local neighbors, and publics to broadcast live in our museum about Elsewhere happenings, art projects, music and more.



Radio Espacio: Radio Espacio is a bilingual and nomad radio project. Its a traveling radio show broadcast from different cities, with programming bridging global investigations with local interests. The goal is to explore a new form for language learning that replaces translation with integration. It’s also a platform for experimentation through interviews, music, sounds and noises. Radio Espacio introduces the research process and a series of lectures, debates, readings, auditions, and cultural experimentation for the exploration of our relationship with sound and its communicative value. Each show is be broadcast live and archived online. This is a time and site specific project brought to you by Agustina and Hernan Woodgate. (Radio Espacio blasted off from Elsewhere in August of 2011) More Info


Elsewhere Radio FM: Radio FM was a curated a series of radio programs on May 7, 2010 whose content ranged from an album preview and Skype interview with The Genes (hosted by visiting artist Babette Angell) to Poetry into the Void with Elizabeth Ferguson, additionally there was a BYOMUZAK Silent Disco dance party in the front window.  Individual radio shows can be found on this project page.





To propose a radio program or to get involved contact our Productions Curator!