Marina Peng (St. Louis, MO)
August 2019. Corrugated plastic, alligator clips, galvanized steel cable, screw eyes. Approximately 48” x 24”.

PSA: Satellite is a site for text installations on the museum exterior. It is installed above the back garden door of Elsewhere and can be accessed through the museum or from the alley. The work is created with text laser-cut from corrugated plastic and clipped to steel cables running horizontally across the top of the door frame. The inaugural installation created by the artist can later be switched out by future residents and staff.

The current text is derived from conversations the artist had with other residents and staff regarding their mixed feelings about their upbringings, education, evolving practices, and past and present organizations they have worked for. The text considers its main vantage point: a picnic table in the shared garden that is a place to retreat to for smoke breaks, private phone calls, taking a breather, etc.

PSA: Satellite is a satellite project of PSA, a forthcoming curatorial project in the artist’s hometown of St. Louis. The original location will feature rotating text installations by St. Louis-based artists, writers, and poets.