At Elsewhere there are a huge amount of objects of no apparent value floating around the place. Shelves and boxes are filled with things commonly considered as worthless. They are short of financial and, seemingly, functional value. This lack of value and purpose makes them intriguing to me – I began to gather materials that I felt something about – objects that struck me because of their shape or colour. Things that were beautiful to me. I wondered what I could do to transform them. I hung them up on strings suspended from old coat hangers. They looked happy to be free in the air and made tinkling sounds together. I arranged the objects in a way that made sense to me and made more and more of those peculiar kinetic arrangements. The objects had become something else and needed a place to live. They are now in a little room, hanging from the ceiling. The sounds they make are always distinct. Light changes throughout the day and so do the shadows they make, picking out different objects at a time. It’s a place of nothing and a place of everything, a place to listen and to dream… A shrine to Nothingness.” (August 7, 2008 – September 16, 2008)

2011 | Short | Plink Plink from Elsewhere Collaborative on Vimeo.