Photo credit: Alex Meiser
Nothing Can Be Something, Alex Meiser (Atlanta, GA)
August 2016. Installation view. Found fabric, metal cubes.

In response to the collapsed state of the preceding Fabric Fortress installation (see also: Safe Place, Make Safe, Make Space) following the 2016 Elsewhere renovation, Something returns the fabric to a state of rest. The fabric was rolled into twelve self-supporting, stable stacks.

Photo credit: Alex Meiser

Photo credit: Alex Meiser


“It was work that could not be hurried at, a meticulous finding and fitting together, as though reconstructing a previous wall that had been broken up and scattered like puzzle pieces.

The wall would advance only a few yards a day. The pace of it could not be borne by most modern men, even if the wages could be afforded.”

-Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace