We Are Not Alone, Sheetal Prajapati (Brooklyn, NY)
July 2016. Installation: buttons, string, velcro, fabric, wooden dowels, pegboard, LED lights, Lite-Brite pegs.

We Are Not Alone allows visitors to encounter Elsewhere and its collection in intimate ways – welcoming participants to consider their relationship to the universe through object-based experiences.

Influenced by the Southern Constellations program and her own zodiac sign, Prajapati’s site specific piece is a two-part installation, both interactive and meditative. Behind a Gemini constellation curtain hanging beneath a set of stairs, Not Alone‘s first floor component invites participants to create their own constellations on a custom-made light board or with button clusters sewn by the artist.

In the museum’s second floor Alone Zone, the artist recreated another Gemini constellation as a hanging mobile with clusters of buttons sewn together by the site’s original owner and operator, Sylvia Gray. Twin iconographies serve as visual meditations on the notion of being alone with oneself and expressing the multiple identities one embodies.