May 4, 2011 – May 31, 2011

Norbert Francis Attard, an installation artist with an international reputation, has made a name for himself with his poetic and original approach to a multifarious series of artistic projects. His work combines social, cultural and political aspects together with overlays of scientific and religious themes. Always using unorthodox materials, his creations manifest a constant architect’s disciplined eye for detail.Born in Malta in 1951, Attard now works from his Gozo-based

studio. The unique pre-history of Malta and Gozo and the characteristics of the overall Mediterranean spirit of place have provided inspiration for many of his works. Trained as an architect, he practiced the profession for twenty years until 1996, during which period he also worked as an artist creating prints, posters, postage stamps and other works.

In 1998 he turned to installation art and has since worked in several disciplines merging expressions of architecture, sculpture, video and photography in different and various media. The relationship of his work to place and memory of site is fundamental, as is also his attempt to create balance and harmony through inter-relatedness of contradictory themes.










Third Gender