Museum as Instrument (MU::IN) is a residency of Chicago-based sound artists Troy Briggs, Jon Brumit, Michael Milano, David Moré, Jeff Kolar and Meredith Kooi of Radius. Artists will transform Elsewhere’s 100-year-old building into an architectural music box with new installations and performance-based sound works.

New sound works will feature electronics, found-objects, interactive instruments, field recordings, and experimental radio broadcasting that alter, enhance, and draw attention to the sounds of the museum as a resonant architectural chamber. Their building-wide interventions will invite audiences to consider the museum as a comprehensive and interconnected artwork, using electronic and auditory media to connect architectures seen and unseen.

MU::IN is curated by Shannon Stratton, Chief Curator of The Museum of Arts and Design in New York and Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of Threewalls in Chicago, and Joe Jeffers, musician, producer and Director of 8550 Ohio (Chicago and Chesterhill, OH).

MU::IN is the first in Elsewhere’s series of city residencies dedicated to providing in-depth exploration of methods and media of contemporary art production at Elsewhere for artists and the public. This month-long special residency culminates with a series of public workshops and a July First Friday public performance event to play the museum.

For more information, and for workshop registration, contact production@goelsewhere.org

This project is supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.




Related Events


June 11, 8 PM | Featured Artist Talks

Artist Talks by Joe Jeffers, Troy Briggs, David Moré, Jon Brumit, Michael Milano, and Radius


June 18, 830 PM | Local Artist Talks

Artist Talks with Mark Dixon (Greensboro, NC) and Lee Weisert (Chapel Hill, NC)


June 20, 7 PM | Special Public Dinner

Sounds Like Dinner

Come explore the sonic frontiers of the dinner table at a live-action musical dinner, where diners perform the soundtrack for their meal as they munch.

Dinner is $10-$20, sliding scale. RSVP to kitchen@goelsewhere.org by Monday, June 15.


June 25, 830 PM | Featured Artist Talks



June 27, 10am – 6pm | Workshop

Sound Practices Workshop Series

Join artists participating in Elsewhere’s Museum :: Instrument special residency for a day of workshops introducing methods and technologies of sound art production. Topics will range from mapping the sounds of the urban environment and testing the resonant frequencies of objects to creating radio transmitters and receivers to use in art actions.


Full details listed in the workshops tab. For more information contact Program Curator, Jennie Carlisle, at production@goelsewhere.org.


July 2, 8:30 PM | Featured Artist Talks

Curator’s Talk by Shannon Stratton, Chief Curator of The Museum of Arts and Design, NY



July 3, 6-10PM | First Friday Opening

Premiere event for MU::IN projects, with performances and opportunities to play the museum.


The event featured the public opening of the Urban Gray Ballroom, an alternative space inside an alternative space. Located in between Elsewhere’s two storefronts, the stairwell at 606 & ½ S. Elm Street is a street-side staircase theater equipped with a full audio arsenal including the Werkstatt-01 synthesizer donated by Moog in Asheville, NC. The space is available for indoor and outdoor performances, contact documentarian@goelsewhere.org for performance opportunities and scheduling.



Troy Briggs

Troy Briggs works with technology and found and everyday objects to create subtle interventions in public and private space. These moments, ranging from audio jacks that connect the listener to far-away white noise and single, bare light bulbs that tap out morse code messages sent from across the world, speak to delicacy of human connection though the simplest of means.

Briggs has exhibited widely in Chicago and Portland, Oregon, including Shane Campbell,
Chicago; Rontoms, Portland, OR; A+D Gallery, Chicago; and 6018 North, Chicago, IL. He teaches in Contemporary Practices at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and sculpture, sound and new media at Cathege College.

Jon Brumit

Jon Brumit works creatively with interactive social design, structured improvisation and multi-layered interventions. By design, his objects and public performance situations often produce unpredictable results – occasionally humorous, often sonorous, and always highly interpretable.

Brumit has presented solo and collaborative works widely in the US and abroad at venues including the 2008 Whitney Biennial (as Neighborhood Public Radio), MOCAD (Detroit), SF MOMA, the DeYoung Museum (SF), Chelsea Art Museum (NYC), YBCA (SF), Novi Sad Contemporary Museum (Serbia), Cranbrook Museum of Art (Bloomfield Hills, MI), the Krannert Museum (Urbana Champlain), Kavi Gupta Gallery (Chicago), and the Borderline Academy / Fadaiat (Tarifa, Spain).

Joe Jeffers

Joe Jeffers is a co-curator of Museum as Instrument: A Sound Art Residency at Elsewhere. Joe is a musician, producer and Director of 8550 Ohio (Chicago and Chesterhill, OH).

Michael Milano

Michael Milano develops drawing and sound work through adapting systems of constraint as they are presented by the grid. Specifically drawing on the weaving draft as device to compose audio work, Milano explores the limits of the binary to produce conceptual “weavings.” Milano received a MFA from the Fiber and Material Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA in Humanities from Shimer College. He has shown at Roots & Culture, threewalls, Peregrine Program, Adds Donna, and the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. He recently co-curated the exhibition duckrabbit with Jeff M. Ward at Adds Donna.

David Moré

David Moré is a sound artist, experimental musician and sculptor. His current projects include listening to weak electromagnetic waves from (maybe) Jupiter using a home built radio telescope. In the past he has collaborated with an elephant-nose fish named Alex Halsted on the creation on biomusic.


Radius, composed by Jeff Kolar and Meredith Kooi, is an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA. Radius features a new project monthly with statements by artists who use radio as a primary element in their work. Radius provides artists with live and experimental formats in radio programming.



















June 27, 10am – 6pm



Sound Practices Workshop Series

Join artists taking part in Elsewhere’s Museum as Instrument special residency program for a full day art practical introducing new skills and ideas for working with electronic materials, found objects, and toys to explore and create sonic environments. With Jon Brumit, Michael Milano, David Moré, Troy Briggs, and Jeff Kolar and Meredith Kooi of Radius.

Free. All Materials will be provided.

Space is limited to 25.

Come for the full series or just for part of the day.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please contact Jennie Carlisle at production@goelsewhere.org with the workshops that you plan to participate in.


Workshop Overview

10am-12pm | Mapping Found Sounds

Learn techniques for more sensitive listening and to bring attention to your sonic environment. Explore ways to capture found sounds with a variety of recording devices and work with these sounds as components for the creation of new musical compositions.

12-1pm | Lunch on Your Own or at the museum, $5.

1-3pm | Resonant Frequencies

Investigates modes of vibration and resonance through hands on activities and experiments to better understand how sound travels through different materials and media.

3-6pm | How to Build Your Own Radio Network

An in depth introduction to using radio technology as an artistic medium. Participants will learn about how to build and use radio transmitters and receivers and various approaches to free, open-source low-powered transmission.