Moi Tran creates work that exists between abstraction, craft, assemblage, painting, installation and drawing. Her investigations of line, volume, colour, texture, shape, repetition and form are imbued with a sense of questioning, concerned with the need to examine visual assumptions of the use of craft in spatial compositions. Incorporating the idea that cloth wears, fades, stains, stretches and becomes an intimate record of our physical presence and history, her work denotes philosophies of the unfamiliar in the familiar.Textile is the primary material in Tran’s work and traditional textile craft the main tool for manipulation. Importantly the artist insists the textile performs with more prominence than as mere grounds onto which paint would be traditionally applied. Her work considers the process, consideration and time taken in making objects link the close geography concerned with small movements of the hand and arms with the larger mental and physical geographies involved in the engagement of the broader environment. Tran also creates set and costume design for theatre and performance.