Laura MacAulay is a visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. Her favorite media are drawing, fibres, installation, and her own body. Some of her favorite things are kids’ books and the kid detectives who inhabit them, and she likes to approach art-making as a sleuth trying to uncover a mystery. Since finishing her degree in fine arts two years ago, she has embroidered made-up zoological creatures, performed in an experimental folk choir, hawked desserts of her own creation, and administered many a temporary tattoo. She has also been practicing African dance for the past six years, translating her love of rhythm, pattern, and space into a corporeal form.

Meghan Macdonald is a Toronto, Canada-based artist working primarily in textiles. Most recently she has used embroidery and collage to re-imagine the domestic objects of a reclusive millionaire. Yard sales and abandoned places are a source of inspiration and materials for her art, and treasures for her online vintage shop. A recent graduate of the interdisciplinary BFA program at NSCAD University, she also holds an advanced honors diploma in textiles from the Sheridan College department of Crafts & Design. She is interested in exploring themes of collecting, memory and the found object.

These collaborators met in 2011 while artists-in-residence at The Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design. At Elsewhere, they will be busy documenting the imagined histories of certain choice artifacts from the museum’s collection.

Elsewhere Project / Selling Field or Similar Work