Stories change with each telling, being filtered and transform from one person to the next. Asuncion is interested in this space of translation and transformation where new perspectives are revealed, and connections can be made. The possibility of reconstruction helps Asuncion create characters for her video work she embodies with a sense of humanness and otherness. Each originating from the fabric of culture, woven from tradition, but outside and no longer a part of the community it once originated from. By researching local histories and stories she constructs abstract narratives that explore her identity as a multi-cultural female artist. She has a working studio at Erector Square in New Haven, CT. Her work has been included in Aspect EZ: Vol. 4, Déjà Vu a limited edition DVD printing by ASPECT: The Chronicle for New Media in Boston, MA; and has been curated by Olu Oguibe as a featured artist on RADICATE.EU Contemporary Art a digital journal edited by Tiziana Casapietra of Savona University in Savona, Italy.