The Kitchen Commons, built in 2011, was a collaboration between J. Morgan Puett + Ian Montgomery.

Situated on the busiest & most public floor of the museum, it was conceived as a functional installation, emphasizing openness & hospitality for Elsewhere’s many participants. The Kitchen Commons is also considered a studio space for food-based experiments and education programs. It is used daily by residents, interns, and staff to prepare meals and accessed occasionally by Greensboro community members and museum visitors.

The Food Co-op keeps our kitchen fully stocked with locally sourced ingredients, spices, tools, and equipment. Residency/internship costs are kept low through collective cooking, eating, cleaning & buying in bulk. Food items will be available for you to cook on the days we do not have group meals. For safety, cleanliness, and cost reasons all ingredients purchased through the Food Co-op are vegetarian, but the kitchen itself is NOT. Individuals are responsible for purchasing their own meat/fish or specialty items not provided to prepare.

Residents, interns, and staff cook and eat lunch as a group and participate in post-meal cleans Tuesdays – Saturdays. For information on monthly, public, meals please visit goelsewhere.org/dinner.

For daily House updates, check out @elsewherekitchen on Instagram.



Process :

2010 | 3.16 Time Lapse | Dishroom