Staff_Headshot-1-2Kathryn Sclavi is a socially-engaged artist and educator who creates unique gathering spaces and events collectively with communities. Her work is about imagining new worlds and ways of being by creating new dimensions of shared experiences. The gathering spaces take the form of participatory projects such as colorful forts, collaborative projects, art parades, ephemeral events, and more using media including fiber, found objects, and costume making.  From building fort structures to organizing artistic events, Sclavi create imaginative spaces designed for people to interact and learn from each other and serves as a collective, process-oriented experience. She is an award-winning teaching artist, community artist, and a featured curriculum writer for a number of organizations, including the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Fleisher Art Memorial, and Young Audiences of New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania and Louisiana. Sclavi was a co-founder of Philadelphia-based art collective Homeskooled Gallery, a 4-year-long nomadic art space creating participatory experiences through interactive art. She holds an M.Ed. in Art Education and a certificate in Community Arts Practices from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She is based in Philadelphia, PA and New Orleans, LA.