Kale Roberts is an explosion of queer sportsing energy with a laundry list of identities that informs their practice as a radical storyteller and sculptor. Blasting out of Tampa, FL, they activate SPACE in an art as life practice. One mouthful of the South, a dollop of blind fandom, and an abundance of misinformed history, they are dedicated to creating new rituals and objects imbued with humor and sincerity.

Comic books, the Bible belt, sports, fashion, and a slew of gender layers inform their practice. It is through this embodiment that infinite possibilities and the power of storytelling and vulnerability emerge.

In 2016 Tailgate Projects was incepted. Driving this rainbow hatchback truck with teeth and collaborative flags flapping in the wind, it is their conscious choice to live in full visibility combating toxic socialization through daily navigations.

Right outa the mouth of the truck bed Roberts hijacks rituals around food and celebration in collaboration with local artists and across the globe. Through this exchange they activate multiple voices and identities that become the catalyst for empathy and change.

Roberts created 100 sips, 4 ways to feed you, pole service during their residency.