Jeannette Petrik considers design as an opportunity for public empowerment and skill sharing, as a tool for everyday political engagement. Behind the production and consumption of objects lies a fundamentally subjective use value, be it of a cultural, ideological, political or other personal nature. This, she explores through her practice.

Petrik sees the role of the designer as grounded in an in-depth analysis of the dynamics inherent in social arrangements and material cultures. Putting into doubt our socio-ontological constants, our discursive and material routines, which structure our lifeworlds, catalogue them into separate registers and provide them with the aura of the inert and rigid, would necessitate us to “overcome the laziness of consciousness” (J. Beuys) and to explore a mode of thought which cuts across convenient totalizations. In her practice as a designer, researcher and writer, she is dedicated to the facilitation of those events of doubt in dialogue with her surrounding environment.

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