Elsewhere provides consulting for cities and community organizations seeking to incorporate art in cultural and urban planning programs, including the commissioning of new works, the design and writing of rfp’s, and development of programs for public space use.  Elsewhere also consults on the development of programming and operational plans for new artist residency programs.

For more information regarding Elsewhere’s consulting and artist commission services, please email museum@goelsewhere.org.

See other public art projects and commissions: goelsewhere.org/southelmprojects


Projects Below are examples of Elsewhere’s consulting work and partnerships

The Integral City: Connecting Creative Cultures through Art

The Integral City is a grass-roots planning process with local and national partners including the New School Urban Collaborative–New School Milano Finance Lab + Parsons School of Design Strategies, Elsewhere, and various downtown groups. The project will combine financial analysis and art and design tools to identify, strengthen, and connect Greensboro’s cultural assets and naturally-occurring community hubs to foster significant arts-driven economic development that amplifies downtown development.

June 5 – 7 2013 | the Integral City team at the Sustainable Cities Design Academy in Washington, D.C. 



“Breakfast Brainstorm” with New School Urban Collaborative and members of the Greensboro community at Action Greensboro on January 23.

Handwritten transcriptions of the breakfast brainstorms look at the resources, tools, and communities in downtown Greensboro and visions for creative growth.

Locating place in unsuspecting spaces.Elsewhere’s Storefront Performance Theater creates sidewalk culture and curiosity in downtown, GreensboroElsewhere invites kids to fish for clouds in Center City Park during the Run for the Greenway

Elsewhere supports the commissioned residency of Primary Flight during the creation of their new public work “ColorHaus” on the Downtown Greenway