Photo credit: Guido Villalba Portel

Indefinite ProgressAlix Pentecost-Ferren (Brooklyn, NY)
August 2016. Graphite on paper, pasted onto museum walls.

Indefinite Progress is a series of hand drawn image sequences intertwined with the architecture of the museum. Taking inspiration from Elsewhere as place where the past is trapped alongside the present, both a time capsule and living museum, each sequence references the history of Elsewhere, Greensboro, or the South. They connect a moment from the past to a related space in the museum, playing out over and over alongside the current timeline to ask the question, “What has changed?”

1. A plott hound walks along the Dan River during the coal ash spill in 2014, and sniffs the new water fountains installed during Elsewhere’s recent renovation.

2. Sylvia Gray walks to the door, closes it, and locks it. Sylvia used to lock people into the store if she thought they were stealing, and now everything here is sealed in.

3. A person climbs the stairs of the Carolina Theatre to the segregated balcony, takes a rest at the top the staircase in Elsewhere’s inclusive theatre space, the CoLab (Collaborative Laboratory).

4. A person chooses and tries on a beautiful church hat and studies their reflection in the first floor bathroom.

Photo credit: Guido Villalba Portel