Agustina Woodgate, Miami, FL

Hopscotch, South Elm Projects, 2015, paint

Hopscotch is an oversized game charted over public sidewalks throughout the South Elm neighborhood. Running from numbers 1693 to 3082, it first emerges from a drain opening by the rail line that divides downtown and then snakes around the neighborhood past businesses, residential homes, and community centers. Hopscotch is an invitation to the public to imagine new ways to play in the city, to discover new parts of the neighborhood and to occupy public space. As a drawing that unfolds in real space, it also functions as a political map that inscribes the contours of the neighborhood.

Woodgate began Hopscotch in 2008 with Miami artists Primary Flight at Wynwood with 786 Numbers. Subsequent appearances included 1302 Numbers at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami (2013), 1692 Numbers in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014), and 1100 Numbers at Playpublik Festival in Krakow, Poland (2014).

For the painting of the course, Woodgate was assisted by community volunteers and university students from across Greensboro.