I’m Giada, an artist now living in Seattle. I was born in Vicenza, a little town in between the Alps and Venice. My artistic education/training began at about the age of 14 when I started high school. The next step into the world of Art was through University at the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia,” an ancient institution funded in 1750. After graduation, I moved to Hong Kong where I lived for almost three years. My arrival in Seattle had a big influence on my design and technique: perfecting, sharpening and cleaning them.

My work involves different media, researching on optical illusion, symbolism and the primitive gesture. Lately I’ve been focusing on two almost 3 dimensional collages, telling stories and playing with different materials. The subject always varies according to the message or vice versa; they generate in symbiosis with the process. I never know what the work is going to look like until it’s finished.

Elsewhere Project / IRC Mural