"Speculative Design Objects" contain small fragments of the museum collection inside the 3D prints (dowsing rod technology, scrying pyramid technology, drone technology) made at The Forge Makerspace. Photo Credit: Dhanraj EmanuelAsh Eliza Smith (Morganton, NC / San Diego, CA)
Southern Constellations Fellow. July 2017. Documentation of 3D prints. Bacteria samples on agar plates, single-channel video with sound, museum collection items.

11½ Spells for Our Future Selves is a series of strategies, investigations, and performance gestures that speculate possible futures and operate at the intersection of technology and naturebetween human and non-human beings.

As a return to Smith’s Southern, gothic, Appalachian roots of storytelling, this series of projects brings together a multitude of materials and performances including 3D printed “Speculative Design Objects,” bacterial fungal systems sourced from Elsewhere, film vignettes that explore future worlds, and “Elsewhere Object Poetry:” a collective of Twitter algorithms that perform an endless poetry loop.

Future Selves seeks out the visible and invisible systems at hand, embraces deviance and possibility, and asks audiences: “What’s next, after what’s next?”

Production Support: Adam Bowers & Steve T., The Forge makerspace (3d Prints); Yansa F. Crosby, Ava Zelkowitz (Co-Organizers)

Featured performers: Orchid Chamblee, Jordan Clifton, Yansa F. Crosby, Ava Zelkowitz

Documentation Support: Dhanraj Emanuel, Sophia Schultz

Background: "Elsewhere Ecosystem Bacteria & Fungi," Foreground: "Speculative Design Objects." Photo Credit: Gui Villalba Portel


Above: “Elsewhere Ecosystem Bacteria & Fungi” was collected from museum collection ribbon, books, doors, swings, garden water, shoes, Ghost Room, Toynado, rust, and the artist’s body. Photo Credit: Ash Eliza Smith.


Above: Starting as a “Shared Futures Writing Workshop,” the “Speculative Fictional Vignettes” re-imagine former artist projects and collection items for future world-building potential


Community participants create poetry bots and personify museum collection items with the Twitter App, Poetry Bot Algorithm. Image Credit: Twitter.Above: “Elsewhere Object Poetry” creates poetry out of algorithms and museum collection items. @ToySoldier606 (Ellis Anderson), @ElsewhereObject (Ash Eliza Smith), @OtherGhostToy (Sophia Schultz), @ArtSuitcase (Koy Smith), @CloseCups (Jordan Delzell), @China_Broken (Ava Zelkowitz), @BooSad9 (Emily Ensminger). Image Credit: Twitter.


Above: Collecting bacteria samples; embedding small collection fragments in 3D prints;  filming vignettes; public performance; final installation. Photo Credit: Gui Portel and Sophia Schultz.