Franky Cruz is a multiplidisiplinary artist working in all mediums currently living in Miami, FL. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised by wolves in Hialeah, FL, Cruz received a BFA in painting at the New World School of the Arts in Miami in 2011.

Cruz was a resident at the HomeBase Project in Berlin (2012), and participated in Airie residency in the Everglades National park (2015) where he continued to expand interests in multimedia painting, murals, sculpture, drawing, performance, and video collaborating with the Everglades. Cruz’s practice has lead him to experiment and collaborate with plants, crystallization, and cycles in the flow of water, as well as found human and organic objects, whilst observing, and raising the beautiful winged insects and collecting their emergence secretions onto water color paper.  He documented a performance in which I embody the human animal in a photographic series I produced for the AiRiE residency billboard project, titled Some kind of Heron. This series was inspired by Pah Hay Okee (River of Grass), the plight of the plume birds, and his stay month-stay at the Everglades National Park. His most recent installation included a terra-formed couch and it is titled Cycles in Ellipsis and What It Takes To Make It.

During his residency at Elsewhere, Cruz created Fe3O4, [Fe]=O.