Elsewhere’s curators and artists in residents will travel to your classroom to host a creative session that introduces students to creative concepts and interdisciplinary art practices. Each program facilitates a collaborative and hands-on learning workshop that focuses on living histories, storytelling, creative inquiry, investigation and art process. We work with teachers, schools and community organizers to integrate the needs of your class and learning community.


  • Suggested Cost: $150 for 1.5 – 2 hour program (multiple sessions available!)
  • Audiences: K-12 Schools; Universities; Community-based Organizations and others
  • Where: Elsewhere will travel to local schools around the Greensboro/Triad Area
  • When: Elsewhere operates March – November each season




Workshop Samplings

  • Collecting Memories: Students share a memory of their favorite toy from childhood and as a group we identify patterns and trends in visual and experiential ways
  • Museum of Natural History: Students think about time, history and context as a web, creating an interactive installation along the way
  • What is your museum of the future?: A design-build activity that asks students to design their dream museum of the future
  • Salon – Species of Spaces: Students will read George Perec’s “Species of Spaces” and other appropriate texts in the library. Afterwards we will discuss some of the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of Elsewhere while rolling ribbon around a pencil, encouraging a process of thinking while doing.
  • Curating 101: Small groups will be challenged to artfully arrange objects in Elsewhere’s museum, telling a story both visually and conceptually
  • Collaborative Fiction: Students collect objects, work in groups to craft a story, then share this story with the group
  • Food Sculpture: An activity about artfulling arranging a dinner table, thinking about local food systems and eating as a performative and social practice/choreography
  • Intentional Living: Students will learn how to sew a button and work with various textiles
  • Family Photo: An introduction to photography and portraiture using elements of the collection and our Wardrobe
  • Sound Lab: An introduction to sound art, John Cage and a lesson on how to conduct a field recording
  • Contemporary Notions: A slideshow of contemporary art notions from Dada to Social Practice











K-12 Standard Connections

  • Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration
  • Writing: Text Types and Purposes
  • Visual Arts: Perceiving, Producing, Communicating, Connecting
  • Math: Geometry and Patterns
  • Science: Inquiry, investigation and Technology + more