Jeremiah Jones (Brooklyn, NY)
January 2018. Sculptures made with miscellaneous museum collection materials. Dimensions variable.

Elsewhere Filters are a set of small sculptures comprised of collection crystals, gems, and objects Jones selected through exploring the museum with his cell phone lens. Inspired by the lack of permanence at Elsewhere, these non-descript objects were made to be lost and found: a wire inserted into a pen cap, a thimble with marble attached, a jewel embedded in a shell, a trophy stand with a view-finder, and a camera case covered in plastic diamonds.

The lens interferes with camera images to create fractals, blurred focus, bizarre close-ups, reflected and bent light. The museum itself becomes a documenting apparatus where each camera filter is changed drastically by lighting, distance from the subject, and the room in which it is being used offering a new way to experience Elsewhere. Filters facilitate interaction with phones and cameras while capturing and further distorting Elsewhere’s unique environment.

Video experiments created by Jones using the lens are projected as an abstract backdrop for events, dances, and other museum festivities where the imagery is further layered in moments using new media and technology.


Above: Sample video experiments by Jones using Elsewhere Filters. Featured Performer: Josie Vogel

Above: Visitors use the Elsewhere Filters with their own phone cameras. Photo Credit: Guido Villalba Portel