Wilmington, NC

May 27, 2010 – June 8, 2010

Yucky items usually left alone when spotted on the sidewalk – gloves, flip-flops, and cigarette butts– these are Dixon Stetler’s art supplies. Both children and adults can be intimidated when asked to produce, critique, or even consider art.  The everyday nature of the materials Stetler uses and the safe confines of a group allow multiple voices to participate with pride and kinship. We are the sum of the goods we consume, the common denominator: a shared experience with all of our stuff. Stetler is co-founder of Independent Art Company, two buildings in downtown Wilmington, NC, that have been converted into 12 artist studios, an intimate gallery, and a 60-seat micro-cinema. She also curates documentary films for the Cucalorus Film Festival and serves as Ringleader for the Grand Procession of Peculiar Pets, an annual art parade.  Dixon currently works with at-risk youth through the Dreams Center for Arts Education, teaches for the A+ Schools Program, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Creative Women’s Exchange.













Pass / Fail