Kylee jo (Gainseville, FL)

collection fabrics, denim and polyester stuffing, house paint, spray paint, collection knick knacks, astroturf, collection “It’s better in the Bahamas” viser, collection “Papa smurf” cup, collection chair, sound button

 Kylee jo’s project, Ducky Doggie Creature Bubble, is an interactive and immersive multimedia installation that is set within the Elsewhere library nook. The installation, a wacky and warped sitting area, features soft sculpture characters of various sizes such as a long legged duck, and a large eyed dog/chair. These creatures have been hatched from the brain of the only human in the painting hanging inside of the installation. The painting, made using latex house paint from Elsewhere, is modeled after a family portrait depicting the imaginary characters that both haunt and define the feminine human’s existence. These characters are based on objects found in Elsewhere’s collection such as a small stuffed skunk, a book about Samoyed dog breeds, and a 90’s era camcorder.
From the outside of the nook/installation, the viewer is able to peek through small windows into the chaotic inner world based off of the mind of the unnamed character. This mind can represent anyone who is able to chaotically and unabashedly imagine another reality, but through using a femme character, the installation also serves like a religious alter to female autonomy. These windows were cut directly through the painting. Thus, from the inside of the installation one can see Elsewhere’s mass amounts of objects that hint at a societal perceived loss of time through imaginary recreation of reality that arguably serves as a more colorful and fulfilling reality to many.