Elsewhere explores “collaborative” as a creative model wherein individuals pursue particular visions by building from a shared collection of materials upon, within, and amongst others’ works. By using the collection and arrangement of objects as the common basis for creation, creators respond to creative practice through their interactions and intersections. Collaboration occurs with others through reciprocity towards things, environments, histories, and as a positioning towards configurations that accept new responses, conditions, and scenarios. Elsewhere’s museum explores and exhibits the conjunctions of permanence and transformation, intention and accident, the everyday and the exceptional.

day to day: performance, process, practice

Elsewhere is an ongoing, unfolding story of life as an art form. We explore the slippages of ourselves as characters in our own lives as an ongoing performance to us and others. We remain open to being visible, being read, considered, interpreted, imbued with meanings we didn’t intend. We see ideas through enactment. We are all collaborating on curating this process and we follow tributaries, trajectories, caverns, methods, and experiments that express our wonder and agency in an ongoing unfolding of this story of preservation and genesis.


The collection (or “set”) of objects at Elsewhere forms a limit within which infinitely derivable contexts, works, and arrangements are demonstrated and performed. Here, antique objects and art objects, neither sacred, coexist in a transforming installation that creates constellations of materials, processes, and products. The internal circulation of things enables Elsewhere to approach creative practice as a basis for communication and response. Organization becomes a means for ordering and tracing the trajectories of an evolving community.


Elsewhere’s commitment to site-specific works, actions, and ideas establishes an ethos of consideration, incorporation, generosity, and manifestation. We investigate this microcosm as a means for exploring the interaction between the particular and the general. We are interested in how contexts define logics and paradigms, and in how we can operate responsively to and within these contexts and frameworks. We are deeply invested in place-making as a practice. Within an environment of at-hand resources, notions and concepts are always within reach, driven by the proximate and reconsidered in action.

2011 | 4.18 Friday Night Event | CITY from Elsewhere Collaborative on Vimeo.