Bridget Beck grew up in South Dakota where she soaked in the plains and the sky until graduating from Augustana College in 2000 with a BA in English and Art.  She then spent some time at Franconia Sculpture Park in MN as an intern in 2001.  After finishing the internship, she went East and worked in the same capacity for Socrates Sculpture Park, Mark DiSuvero’s Spacetime Studio, and the Connecticut Sculpture Park.  After her time out East, Bridget returned to the Midwest where she continued to make sculpture in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  She went back to Franconia Sculpture Park again as an intern in 2004.  Bridget then  supplemented her eclectic resume with an AS degree in geomatics (civil engineering) which she completed in 2006.  After receiving her AS degree she was employed by Ramsey County, MN where she designed roads in 3D, surveyed the lay of the land, inspected road projects, and tested soils until 2012.  She has recently left her Franconia Sculpture Park Resident Artist position, where she mentored emerging artists and wrote the Franconia Blog from 2010- 2012, to attend graduate school at UCLA. Bridget is a fellowship recipient and is now creating sculpture in California’s thriving Los Angeles art scene.