Antonio McAfee (Baltimore, MD)
Baltimore Goes Elsewhere Fellow. August 2017. Installation view. Multi media collage on paper and glass, acrylic medium, glue.

The Break in the Game is a series of found-image collages that portray an imaginary origin story of the Greensboro Four sit-in protesters (the Four). In these scenes Jibreel Khazan (Ezell Blair Jr.), Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, and David Richmond are formed from the moon and surrounded by the cosmos, as their bodies shift in form and clarity. Casts of 45s are used as coronas around their head, depicting them as all powerful, ubiquitous saint like beings that embody all that exist around and within us.

During his residency, McAfee began contemplating various forms of protest (especially in Baltimore), his respective locations, and events taking place at night. “What does the moon see vs. the sun? What was revealed in the moonlight while the daytime protests rested? The fight still continues in the stillness and quietness, forming entities that will lead the way for us.

The Break aims to embody the absence and add the material life of the space, the past, present, and presence of the artifacts.