Photo credit: Luke Hodges

An Alter-Economy of Becoming Elsewhereanique vered (Montreal, QC)
October 2016. Masking tape, red yarn, objects, and words throughout the museum.

A baring of daily life as art, vered simultaneously prompts and reveals change by exploring and documenting alternate social and economic forms. An Alter-Economy asked 14 Elsewhere staff members, interns, and artists to participate in a 7-day durational encounter throughout the 3 floors of the museum. 

The artist asked participants through personal invitations, performative actions, and spatial interventions to trace their prompted experiences with masking tape, red yarn, found objects, and words. The tracing of the encounter (marking, moving, notating, being-with) was up to the participant, thus undertaken with consent and different degrees of engagement to choose from. These marks indicate moments that emerged within the social economy as the durational encounters continued.