• August 7, 2008 – September 16, 2008 as a resident

animation, drawing, installation, photography, video

Alexandra Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photography and artist currently doing a residency in Liverpool. Her work explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and living things. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories which move her. She works with still and moving imagery, often with the addition of sound. Her intervention with things and situations found is to alter, adjust, and reconstruct the familiar in order to create moving, thought-provoking and poetic representations. Her working practice is often collaborative and multidisciplinary, choosing to select media appropriate to the aesthetics and content of a particular piece. She has traveled widely and has worked with artists and in residencies in Europe, North America and Asia.