This spring Elsewhere collaborated with art teacher Angela Baucom at the Academy at Lincoln Middle School in Greensboro, NC. Through a grant from the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, Elsewhere was able to collaborate with Ms. Baucom’s 8th grade art class on a visual arts project exploring the idea of community. Students were able to take a field trip to Elsewhere’s living museum, created a Top 10 Billboard Chart for their hallway, a corresponding website, student-designed t-shirts and music album recorded by students.

The Lincoln Top Ten

Students collaborated on designing a Top Ten billboard chart for the school hallway. The chart was painted with blackboard paint, and is curated by members of the 8th grade class creating a place for students to share their favorite music, games and ideas in a public space.

T-Shirt Brigade

Another group of students created custom t-shirts for the class to wear using fabric paint and other materials.

Album Release

Finally students showcased their drumming skills, cutting a record of beats and freestyle accapella. The sounds were remixed and transformed by sound artist Rob Peterson, an Elsewhere alum! Listen to their record here: