Pioneer Winter (Miami, FL)
Miami Goes Elsewhere Fellowship. June 2016. Performance documentation. Installation with broken glass shards, glass cabinets, interview audio recordings.

A Love To Last 13 Hours physicalizes the tensions of relationships and romance. For 13 hours, Winter held up a heavy, precariously balanced structure and maintained it from collapsing; break-up stories recorded by the artist from local LGBTQ+ community members played in the background.

The work challenged the artist’s endurance by placing his body in a constant state of remaking and negotiating as fatigue set in during the span of 8 am to 9 pm. 13 Hours explores several subjects which surfaced through the artist’s reflection on personal romantic partnerships, gathering break-up stories, and conversation with Elsewhere’s staff, interns, and residents.

At the time of the durational performance, Elsewhere had been operating in its current state for 13 years. Scenographic elements included more glass and brass display cabinets suspended from the ceiling in a perpetual state of falling. Remaining elements from the durational performance include glass shards ground down underfoot and sweat marks impressed on the brass cabinets from Winter’s perpetual movement. Audience members were invited to move in and out of the constricted installation and as close to the performer as they chose.

Installation view: