Eva Wǒ (Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia Goes Elsewhere Fellowship. June 2019. Community photo portrait series, inkjet prints on vinyl, miscellaneous museum collection objects; HD video. Dimensions variable.

WELCOME is a celebration and statement of queer visibility, inviting in community members to establish the museum as a place of queer gathering and becoming. The multimedia installation takes the form of participatory digital collage, mural, mosaic, and accompanying video animation. By using bright, playful colors and textures, the project celebrates the queer collective abundance, power, and brilliance. By documenting and representing moments of vulnerability, playfulness and tenderness, the work rejects shame and upholds self-determination, self-love, and connection.

Embedded objects from the collection honor the legacy of queers who have passed through and made an impact here. Stepping into the installation prompts viewers to reflect on how art institutions—Elsewhere in particular—can better answer the needs of QTPoC communities by providing paid residencies, allocating resources, and ensuring increasing influence within the museum.

Featured Performers: Amelia Nura, Avery Rose, c. Michale, Cameron Brooks, Debbie the Artist, Ellen Farkas, Ero Rose, Faith Goodart, Janke, Jess Hoyle, Jon Pulse, Jonh Blanco, Josh Rath, Juju Holton, Leah Williams, Lex Costan, Meeka Davis-Dunning, Mindy Dunn, Ociele Hawkins, Parker Brookie, Riley Cox, Scratchy Reitterer, Shannel Arellano, Sosena Solomon, Thorne Myers, Yixuan Pan, Zach Pfrimmer.

Production Support: Marie Alarcón, Jon Pulse, Gui Portel, Avery Rose

Project In Response To: Vessel, Sleeper, Yixuan Pan, the bath in Ghost Room, Ribbon Room, Transformatorium, General Store, Reading Nook, Library