During her residency Casey Middaugh was drawn to explore the Ribbon Room on the 2nd floor of the museum as an immersive environment with the potential to transform one’s psychology and behavior. She spent two weeks among the dense, musty brambles of colored ribbon that fill the room, making sense of the psychological effects of clutter and sensory overload, as well as appraising and responding to the visual, tactile, and sonic qualities of the ribbons through performative gestures that she captured through time-lapse photography and a series of short cinepoems. The project culminated with the contribution of a new installation in the room—a dramatic shimmering waterfall of ribbon that hides two images of Middaugh experiencing peak emotions of happiness and sorrow. These images provide a trace of the artist’s subjective response to the space. Middaugh also created and left behind a set of black ribbon wings for future artists at Elsewhere to use in performance.