Untitled (Khora Study #5), Meredith Kooi, Atlanta, GA

Three single-channel videos and digital audio


For Untitled (Khora Study #5), Kooi recorded both video of the glass forest installation and audio signals picked up from these recordings by electromagnetic induction microphone.  She then projected these recordings back into the installation, for a one night event that thickened the atmosphere of the room, by multiplying and refracting the room’s physical properties and bringing awareness to some of the inaudible phenomenon that also fills the space. This temporary action is part of Kooi’s on-going series of Khora studies that explores the  diaphanous quality of the concept of Khora–  its variable association with processes of making room, yielding place and gaining ground.


This project was created as part of the Museum as Instrument curatorial initiative, and funded in part by the North Carolina Arts Council.