Two Bizarre and Unexplained Deaths, George Jenne, Chapel Hill, NC
Digital video, radio transmitter and receiver, and installation featuring books and items from the collection.

Presented in a vintage mirror frame, George Jenne’s video installation patches together an apocalyptic tale from fragments of text woven from book collection sources as varied as Walker Percy’s novel “Love in Ruins,” a 1980s teen guide “Girl Talk,” and Anton Lavey’s “Satanic Bible.” The visual component of the work focuses on images of slowly turning plastic figurines, items of broken and dirty dime store kitsch, and domestic glassware that dissolve in and out of the frame. The audio component is detached from the image and is broadcast through a clock radio that accompanies the video. It is voice over narration delivered by the artist that recounts a bizarre and at times gruesome turn of events in which the narrator is implicated. Both in its process of construction and its final form, Jenne’s project deals with the notion of the fragment and the grotesque aspects of creation through recombination.