Hollow Earth Society in the Library

The Hollow Earth Society is a cabal of aesthetic scientists, writers, artists, pataphysicians, and philosophers who create fake science in order to open up new discourses about real science. Recent works include the books Suspicious Anatomy and Suspicious Zoology, group art shows RETROFUTUROLOGY and The Pop-Up Museum of the Gowanus Canal, and many salons on the intersection of art, science, and bullshit, including the Para-Academia & Theory Fiction series with The Public School New York and the Body As Funhouse Mirror with The Cornelia Café. http://hollowearthsociety.com // twitter.com/hollowearths

Stephen Aubrey is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, dramaturg, lecturer, storyteller, and recovering medievalist. His writing has appeared in Publishing Genius, CommonwealThe Brooklyn Review, Pomp & Circumstance, Forté, and The Outlet.  He is the co-writer and editor of The Hollow Earth Society’s Suspicious Anatomy and Suspicious Zoology. He is also a co-founder and the resident dramaturg and playwright of The Assembly Theater Company. His plays have been produced at The Ontological-Hysteric Theater, The Flea Theater, The Collapsable Hole, The Brick Theater, Symphony Space, the Abingdon Theater Complex, UNDER St Marks, The Philly Fringe, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where his original play, We Can’t Reach You, Hartford, was nominated for a 2006 Fringe First Award. He has an MFA from Brooklyn College where he received the Himan Brown Prize and the Ross Feld Writing Award and a BA with Honors from the College of Letters at Wesleyan University.

He inexplicably holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Hollow Earth Society and is currently an instructor of English at Brooklyn College.

Wythe Marschall (Hollow Earth Society) is a writer interested in how technologies influence eroticism, religiosity, and other areas of human culture. He believes that weird science will ultimately make “real” science more ethical (and funnier!). With artist Ethan Gould, Wythe is the founder of the Hollow Earth Society, LLC, and a member of Observatory, an art-and-science gallery/events space in Brooklyn. With The Public School New York, the Society organizes an ongoing series of free classes on Para-Academia & Theory Fiction. For Elsewhere, the Society and collaborating producer Kamomi Solidum recently organized Post-Space, a virtual para-academic conference. With Gould, Wythe is the creator ofSuspicious Anatomy, an illustrated book of evil neuroscience, and Suspicious Zoology, a children’s book of patently false animal science. Wythe’s Surreal fiction and criticism have appeared in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and elsewhere. By day, Wythe writes advertisements for money. On weekends, Wythe teaches Brooklyn College students about writing, biopunk, Deleuze, Lovecraft, and so forth.

Elsewhere Project / Post-Space Conference