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Jessica Gaynelle Moss, (Charlotte, NC)
Southern Constellations Fellow. November 2018. Educational program. Future installation with velcro, museum collection wood. Dimensions variable.

“What can we do together to ensure that the next generation of Arts leadership is inclusive, highly-skilled and has had the necessary practical experience?”

Initiated in 2018 by artist, writer, and entrepreneur Jessica Gaynelle Moss, in partnership with Elsewhere, The ABOVEGROUND RAILROAD Scholarship is a scaffolding artwork that reclaims space, honors ancestors who’ve paved the way, and prepares the next generation of young black female arts administrators with an opportunity to develop a unique skill set, building upon their existing interests, that prepares them with a successful launching pad for a career in the arts industry. Through a community nomination process, this scholarship is offered annually to one black, female high school student from the Triad, who is committed to pursuing an administrative career within Arts. Winners will be selected based on their need, ability and commitment to giving back to their community.

To find out more on how to apply, please visit the Internships page.