Elsewhere is a museum and artist residency set in a 3-floor, former, thrift store. With people and things, we build collaborative futures.

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2019 Opportunities | Deadline Approaching!

2019 Opportunities | Deadline Approaching!

Elsewhere is now accepting applications from creatives working across media, fields, and disciplines.

Elsewhere’s evolving collection of past projects, material surplus, unique concepts, and access to local and national communities provide an unparalleled site for creative inquiry.

Join us in using the collection of a former thrift store to inspire new, collaborative futures from old things!

www.goelsewhere.com/apply ...
Jillian Mayer - Southern Constellations Fellow

Jillian Mayer – Southern Constellations Fellow

Jillian Mayer steeps her artistic practice in the verisimilitude of a generation that came of age in the 1980s. Mayer calls upon drawing, photography, video, online platforms, installation, and performance to enact scenarios of apathy, dysfunction, and disillusionment. Indoctrinated into expectations of upward mobility, instant gratification, and the succinct finesse of a television sitcom and...