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Media History | Storefront Lectures

Media History | Storefront Lectures

Aug 12, 2011 An exploration of emergent media economies, digital data gardens, and media artifact. Curated by Elsewhere Scholars-in-Residence Adam Rottinghaus (Graduate, Communication Studies, UNC-CH) and Whitney Trettien (Graduate, English, Duke University). [audio:htpp://elsewhereelsewhere.dreamhosters.com/wp2/wp-content/audio/StorefrontLectureAug122011WhitneyTreitenAdamRottinghaus.mp3]

Adam Rottinghaus | Interview

August 16, 2011 [audio:http://elsewhereelsewhere.dreamhosters.com/wp2/wp-content/audio/AdamRottinghausExitInterviwAug162011.mp3]